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Complete open source solutions for the enterprise

Our solutions provide an industry-leading open source data platform with a full ecosystem of value adds. We provide the most investment and collaboration within the open source community which, for customers, means the latest innovations are integrated into their solutions, products and services. Features and functions that make these offers enterprise ready are added to takeout the experimentation and development time, saving organizations time and money. Companies can deploy, run and manage data and applications in the cloud of their choice or on premise in a security-rich environment without the risk of being locked in.

Our consultancy and services offer massive scalability and governance in a security-rich environment along with the ability to federate data-at-rest and data-in-motion, across the entire organization and from external sources. The solutions are designed for users to easily query data warehouses, as well as data lakes, on premises or in the cloud. Users also benefit from self-service data access and the ability to do ad hoc and real-time queries. Our solutions are built to better support data in motion, IoT, ML and data science at enterprise scale. We provide a leading enterprise data cloud platform for businesses, offering :

–Speed and agility to innovate through open source technology

–Flexible hybrid cloud, multicloud and on-premises optionsfor deployment

–Software support through one vendor

–Accelerated time to value, with leading industry and technology experts globally

–Vertical specialism providing in-depth knowledge of industry use cases, tailored to specific needs

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    .... is the gold standard of what a "Continual Learner" and Innovator will always be compared. He is someone that not only has a wealth of technical knowledge, but also who approaches problem solving with detailed curiosity and a light heart. After working with him for nearly 2 years, I have not only seen the a change in those around me to adopt this curiosity, but in myself as well. Having his guidance on my data platform engineering team, I've had the chance to learn more about how my industry's complex problems directly map to my background in parallel computing and applied machine learning and how I can leverage them to create innovative solutions. From him, I've learned what being a leader with a deep technical curiosity and intent industry focus should embody.

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    • Senior Engineer
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    .... from PassionBytes, is a moving library on current trending technologies. His passion to master new technologies depicts his vision . He is like a guru who can realize potential of his team and help them reach heights in their career.

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    • Vice President, Data Analytics
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    I had the pleasure of working with ... for a couple of years. ...has an enterprising personality combined with a passion for technology. During our working relationship, I've seen him exhibit a solid work ethic, great enthusiasm and ability to bring out the best from the people. He's viewed as a technical geek, excellent communicator and a confident leader. He's been an inspiration to all of us here

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    • Senior Data Sceintist